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​Agness Clark, a Polish-born artist and photographer graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with a Masters Degree majoring in Sculpture and Ceramic. 

Her artistic journey began at a very young age where she explored various art forms such as photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture. 

Agness's pursuit of knowledge led her to the UK, where she continued to expand her artistic horizons through interdisciplinary exploration. Driven by a deep inner desire to create, her artwork is imbued with spontaneity and intuition. She delights in experimenting with various surfaces and textures, employing techniques such as thick layers of paint, texturing pastes, carbon paper, sawdust, and more.

 Agness's art is a vibrant tapestry of rich colours, overlapping layers, and captivating textures, translating her personal experiences and emotions into visual form.


Agness also enjoys her photography career. Having previously worked in many places, she has experience of working with various clients in all ranges from photographing actors, artists, models, products, food and interiors. Her photographs have been published in a number of prestigious magazines such as Elle Decoration, Country Living and Home & Garden and her photos were also used in several books.

In 2021 and 2023 Agness photographs were shortlisted and exhibited in The British Photography Awards.

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